Episode 1: Prologue  

Travis throws a party in he and Kai's apartment for the Pride weekend that ends in tragedy.



Episode 2: Chapter 1

Sheneeda's past is revealed as she returns to NYC 7 months after the events of the Pride party, Luis tries to make amends, Luis and Sheneeda walk into a hairy situation Special Guest Star Lauren B. Martin



Episode 3: Chapter 2

Kai confronts Chad ,Travis and Owen host a party for Sheneeda's homecoming, a secret is revealed at the party. Special Guest Star Ilene Kristen.



Episode 4: Chapter 3

Owen shows a different side, someone hacks Kai's blog, Travis loses his cool, Trina discovers a hidden affair



Episode 5: Chapter 4

As a group gets out of the city for a recreational trip, Kai takes a trip of his own to discover who hacked his blog in the process meeting an interesting girl. A death rocks the group to it's core.



Episode 6: Chapter 5

Luis is questioned, Trina and Luis fight as Luis prepares to leave town, Trina and Kai come face to face, Garrett talks with Luis.




Episode 7: Chapter 6

Kai, Travis, and Sheneeda reflect over the past year, Anna Marie reveals a secret, Kai makes a life changing decision, lives are left hanging in the balance.

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